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One Health and Livestock Farming

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VIRBAC PHILIPPINES: Always Dedicated To Animal Health

Virbac Philippines is a subsidiary of group Virbac SA.

By offering a range of products satisfying the requirements of veterinarian and animal owner for maintaining good health, increasing productivity as well as preventing and treating diseases affecting food-producing animals (FPA) and Companion Animals (CAP). Virbac Philippines aims at becoming one of the leading players on Philippine Animal Health Market.

We will achieve this through the following:
  • Understanding the needs of customers, expectations and to continually improve our processes so that they can satisfied.
  • Providing the most complete arsenal of health solutions for veterinarians and  animal owners (petfood, hygiene, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, diagnosis, and services)
  • Ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements in a continuous manner.
  • Allowing our employees to continuously develop themselves, and offer them a quality of life at work all over the world.
Latest News

Taal Alert: Is Your Pet Safe From Vog Exposure?


DOST-PHIVOLCS warns the public that Taal Volcano remains in an abnormal state (alert level 1) and is closely monitoring its activity. Any significant developments will be promptly communicated to relevant parties.

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DailyDerma: A New Routine For Long-Lasting Relief for Atopic Dogs


Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disease that affects up to 10% of dogs (1). Very disabling for animals, diagnosis and treatment are also very complicated. To improve skin care, our team developed DailyDerma:an innovative program that brings together veterinarians and owners for better long-term disease management.

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Less Mortality, Heavier Piglets: Use of Porcistart™


In South East Asia, Farmers still face high piglet mortality during the suckling period, even above 10%. When no outbreak of disease is present, this level of mortality.

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Advantages of using LA Injectables in Swine Farming


The Philippines's pig farms are increasingly practicing good animal husbandry practices, increasing the acceptance of their products on national and international markets. The Good Production Practices Handbook for Pig Farms mentions the need to minimize the use  of veterinary drugs that can cause  injection site injuries or tissue damage. Similarly, use injections only in authorized terrain locations. Similar precautions should be taken when using parenteral vaccines.

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Swine vaccines: Suigen PCV2 enters the Philippines


Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) is present in most pig populations worldwide and causes significant losses on farms. The best way to limit  the effects is still vaccination. The new Virbac vaccine Suigen PCV2 is based on genotype D strain and has been available in the Philippines since last year, 2022. 

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New Law on Provisions of Tax Incentives For Rescued Pets


Villar cited the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) declaration that animal homelessness that has reached its maximum limit in the Philippines in his Senate Bill No. 2257, or An Act Strengthening the Adoption of Stray and Impounded Animals, filed on May 29.

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  • Swine Farming

    Swine Farming: The New Approach


    • Solutions to limit the impact of the main swine diseases
    • A global approach that emphasizes prevention
    • Encouraging good husbandry practices to better protect sows and piglets from disease



    The number of pigs in the world is close to 800 million, and they are found in many different places. Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2), swine fever, and respiratory illnesses are among the common diseases that affect pig populations all over the world.

    These illnesses cause high mortality rates, slowed herd growth, and huge financial losses for farmers. Regardless of the type of farm, Virbac offers solutions to reduce the effects of these diseases with the continual goal of maintaining both the health of the animals and the efficiency of the farm.


    Virbac propose a cross-cutting disease management that combines field audits, services, vaccinations and medications. Our approach aims to better consider animal welfare in breeding, with particular emphasis on prevention through vaccination, micronutrients and improved reproductive management. We also support the rational use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are essential in some cases, for example when disease is already present in the herd. We encourage individualized treatment and help veterinarians and breeders use new technology to deliver treatments at the right time, better controlling dosages, limiting treatments and providing better traceability.


    Permitting a developing total populace to approach quality food while safeguarding creature wellbeing and prosperity suggests an important variation of reproducing procedures, to underscore counteraction. Immunization is one of the mainstays of our way to deal with forestall irresistible sicknesses and advance clean equilibrium in pig ranches, by diminishing the quantity of impacted animals and mortality. Essentially, the arrangement of mineral enhancements to help the metabolic and safe elements of the creature at key minutes in its day to day existence, like growth, decreases the effect of illnesses and limits the requirement for healing medicines.

    Answering today's challenges of swine farming