Porcistart® a palatable, easy to use, complete nutritional solution to supplement piglets for the first 10 days of age.

  • Swine

Porcistart® is an innovative feeding solution for newborn piglets, to be given from birth to 10 days of age, that supplements the nutritional needs of the piglet after farrowing in a flexible way, contributing more when the gap between the demand of the litter and the capacity of the sow to sustain the milking process is higher, and complementing the development of the piglet when the availability of milk from the sow is adequate

Porcistart® contains hydrolyzed wheat protein, whey protein, pea protein, lactose, dextrose, glycerine, caprylic and capric triglycerides, soya oil, maltodextrin, yeasts, propylene glycol and salts of butyric acid.


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