PORCISTART™: A Gel Protein Supplementation For Growing Piglets

PORCISTART™: A palatable, easy-to-use, complete nutritional solution to supplement piglets for the first 10 days of age.

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PORCISTART™, a well thought solution to meet current production challenges in the farrowing house.

PORCISTART™ is an innovative feeding solution for newborn piglets, to be given from birth to 10 days of age, that supplements the nutritional needs of the piglet after farrowing in a flexible way, contributing more when the gap between the demand of the litter and the capacity of the sow to sustain the milking process is higher, and complementing the development of the piglet when the availability of milk from the sow is adequate.

It has been designed as complete infant nutrition to supplement feeding in piglets according their individual needs with 32 premium quality ingredients that contribute towards:

  • Supplement nutritional needs of energy, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water.
  • A more robust intestinal health and digestive flora.
  • Reduction in the mortality of young piglets
  • Improved growth rate and homogeneity of litters



PORCISTART™ helps cope with current neonatal pig challenges by giving infant nutrition with high quality ingredients and unprecedented technological standards to improve piglet quality and viability in the farrowing house.

  • Increase the number of weaned piglets
  • Increase the weaning litter weight
  • Increase homogeneity
  • Reduce digestive upsets



PORCISTART™, a well thought solution to meet current production challenges in farrowing house.

It combines decades of expertise in swine nutrition and farrowing management with technology that before was only available for infant care, put at the service of current challenges in the farrowing house. No other market alternative can deliver more benefits with less compromise.

  • An Innovative Formula
  • A Porridge Consistency
  • Perfect Stability of our Own Designed Rubber Mat
  • An Easy Access to our Tray
  • No Waste
  • An Attractive Tray
  • Very Resistant Material
  • A New Concept Ready-to-Use And Easily Usable
  • Precise Pouring and Complete Emptying
  • Eco-Friendly Pouch (5 & 2 Kgs)
  • A Long Preservation of 2 Years



Setting a new standard of benefits and advantages for nutritional solutions in your farrowing house.

EASY TO USE: Easy to fill, stable pH during the day, no need to clean the tray to refill.

NO WASTE: With unusual powder pre-starter, 70% to 90% of the products are wasted.

BETTER ASSIMILATION: Our porridge consistency is more assimilated by piglets than dry powder.

NO UNCERTAIN DILUTION: No uncertain or complicated dilution of the milk or yoghurt powder at 45°C.

NO WASTE OF TIME: Our product is ready-to-use, and easily usable without wasting time in preparation or mixing

HYGIENIC CONCEPT: Our product is very safe with a low pH (3,9) - which avoids pathogenic fermentations.



Porcistart™ contains hydrolyzed wheat protein, whey protein, pea protein, lactose, dextrose, glycerine, caprylic and capric triglycerides, soya oil, maltodextrin, yeasts, propylene glycol and salts of butyric acid.

  • Algae Extract: Omega-3 fatty acids source for health and immunity.
  • Calcium butyrate: It affects the bowel's maturation - it helps the immune system, it controls the pathogen flora and it stimulates the feed consumption.
  • Green Tea Extract: It is a powerful antioxidant and a source of alcaloids, caffeine which is a cardiac toning and a breath stimulator.
  • Whey protein concentrate: Very rich in globulin proteins such as immunoglobulins, lactoferrins, and lactoperoxidases.

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