DailyDerma: A New Routine For Long-Lasting Relief for Atopic Dogs


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Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disease that affects up to 10% of dogs (1). Very disabling for animals, diagnosis and treatment are also very complicated. To improve skin care, our team developed DailyDerma:an innovative program that brings together veterinarians and owners for better long-term disease management.

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is the primary disease in dogs and the first reason dogs see a veterinarian after vaccination. It is caused by a combination of genetic, environmental and immunological factors. Dogs affected by AD are genetically predisposed to produce allergic reactions to external substances (allergens), especially dust mites. Because pets are constantly exposed to these allergens, the disease poses a long-term management problem, requiring ongoing treatment and care throughout the year and throughout the pet's life, and can recur many times. . Dogs with allergies often scratch and bite  specific areas such as the paws, belly, face, and ears. In 80% of cases, AD is also accompanied by otitis externa. Although not fatal, AD can  be debilitating and painful for an animal and affect its health throughout its life.


A Global and Individualized Approach!

Dry skin, hair loss and itching, itching, inflammatory lesions, ear infections... Symptoms of atopic dermatitis can vary from  dog to dog, making diagnosis and treatment of the disease complicated. To neutralize inflammation and restore the skin barrier, it is necessary to take the dog into account  as a whole and tailor the treatment to its specific case. Medicines, emollient shampoos, specific foods enriched with essential fatty acids or antioxidants... the therapeutic arsenal is very wide, but regular monitoring of the disease and adjustment of the treatment is necessary to ensure the best possible quality of life for affected dogs. Therefore, effective long-term management depends on active cooperation between veterinarian and owner.


DailyDerma: For Vets and Owners

To improve the control of atopic dermatitis, our team has developed an innovative program:
DailyDerma. What makes it special? Providing veterinarians with a new and effective protocol in their dermatology practice and enhancing collaboration with allergic dog owners  by facilitating their role in monitoring disease monitoring. This is done in three main steps: short-term management of symptoms, insight into their origins, and long-term disease management. In addition to a wide range of products and services for prevention, diagnosis and long-term treatment monitoring, the program also includes a mobile app. It allows owners and veterinarians to exchange a wealth of information about disease progression as well as images of  lesions in real time. This way, no information is forgotten during follow-up appointments.





Pierre Jasmin, Global Head of Pet Dermatology: "With DailyDerma, we want to create a real relationship of trust with vets and owners by helping them to manage atopic dermatitis, day after day. Diagnostic tools, documentation, explanatory videos, a wide range of health solutions... Our teams provide their expertise and know-how to provide the most complete offer possible and enrich the management of atopic dermatitis in the long term."


Source: Dr Emmanuel Bensignor Bull. Acad. nat. med. 2010, 194, no 7, 1357-1364, meeting of 19 October 2010

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