Taal Alert: Is Your Pet Safe From Vog Exposure?


Phivolcs issues warning as Taal Volcano's vog raises concerns at Alert Level 1.

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DOST-PHIVOLCS warns the public that Taal Volcano remains in an abnormal state (alert level 1) and is closely monitoring its activity. Any significant developments will be promptly communicated to relevant parties.

Volcanic smog is extremely dangerous and harmful to animals. Animals are particularly susceptible to the dangers that result from volcanic activity. You are accountable for your pets.

In cases where the pet owners suspect that their pets has been adversely affected by the volcanic smog, and/or show any of these symptoms they should contact their veterinarian.

How can you keep your pet safe during a volcanic smog? Here are some tips for you:

1) Keep Pets Indoors
You are urged to keep pets indoors out of the ash. Large animals, like livestock, and,our furry pets, should be safely tucked in stables or any form of shelter.

2) Don't Expose Pet Food and Water Bowls
Pet people required to water your plants or vegetation, which is regularly utilized as nourishment for dogs, cats, goats and sheep, to try to it is liberated from debris.

3) Be Aware for Possible Respiratory Problems
If your pets show symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and difficulties in breathing, then it’s best to have them consult your resident veterinarian.

4) Give a Warm Bath to your Dogs
If you are outside the house during vog, then it is best time to wash any ash debris of your animal once it returns inside your house. Do not let them lick the ash, because this ingestion might make the animal sick.

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