Swine vaccines: Suigen PCV2 enters the Philippines


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Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) is present in most pig populations worldwide and causes significant losses on farms. The best way to limit  the effects is still vaccination. The new Virbac vaccine Suigen PCV2 is based on genotype D strain and has been available in the Philippines since last year, 2022. 

Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2), which emerged in the 1990s,  is now prevalent in most pig populations worldwide. It is highly contagious and resistant in the environment,  initially affecting piglets in the form of severe  weight loss, which can lead to animal death. It  also causes growth loss  and various diseases, which have serious economic consequences for growers.

Additionally, once an animal shows signs of illness, treatment is rarely and often ineffective. Therefore, prevention is  the best way to control the impact of the virus on your farm. Prevention includes the introduction of biosecurity measures (improving hygiene conditions, reducing stress situations in animals, etc.) and is closely linked to vaccination programs. If this does not eradicate the virus, vaccination may reduce mortality and the number of affected animals and improve weight gain and feed conversion.



The originality of SuigenTM PCV2 lies in its fully inactivated virus genotype d, which is the most prevalent PCV2 genotype in many regions, especially Asia, and its high titer (in vaccine doses) in a ready-to-use product. amount of antigen). combination. It provides a broad range of antigens to the immune system of sows and piglets, is well tolerated and provides cross-protection against other genotypes of the virus. Virbac offers a comprehensive approach that includes not only vaccines but also diagnostic tools,  on-farm auditing and management of vaccination procedures.




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