Products designed for everyday use

Rich, diverse and complex, the world of living organisms is constantly evolving. At the heart of this ecosystem, animal health is undergoing major changes: diseases are evolving, new ones are appearing, creating new challenges that vary depending upon the world region, species and farming conditions. 

Along with veterinarians, farmers and pet owners, we work daily to provide safe, effective and practical solutions that strengthen treatment compliance. With more than 1,000 pharmaceutical, biological, nutritional and diagnostic products, we cover the majority of therapeutic segments and provide care for nearly all species treated by veterinary medicine.

Our international presence allows us to respond to issues that are unique here in our country, providing products and services that meet the needs of all those who care for animals each and every day, all around the world.




Developed with veterinarians, our high quality petfood range for dogs and cats meets the nutritional needs of these carnivores and helps to maintain their health and quality of life at each stage of life.


Dental Hygiene


Our chews, oral hygiene rinses and dental kits help to prevent the risk of periodontal disease, thanks to their scientifically-proven effectiveness against tartar, dental plaque and bad breath.




For companion animals as well as food producing animals, we are developing innovative solutions for more responsible reproduction management that respects the animal's well-being. 




A pillar of proper prevention of infectious diseases affecting companion and food producing animals, our wide range of vaccines also prevents emerging diseases that are poorly treated or represent new outbreak risks.




A pioneer in veterinary dermatology, we are continually improving our formulations to provide a wide range of innovative products suitable for the animal's skin.




Internal and external parasites are disease vectors that can also impact humans. Our medical expertise and broad range of products allow us to promote a responsible approach to parasiticide protection that takes the human-animal-environment balance into account worldwide.




Designed to facilitate in-clinic diagnostics, our tests provide immediate, reliable detection of key infectious and parasitic diseases, as well as biomarker measurement.




Thanks to the efforts of our formulation development teams, we provide veterinarians and farmers with antibiotics designed to meet their needs as part of responsible therapy/ies.


And also... 

We explore all veterinary medicine fields to provide solutions that improve care and farming practices on a daily basis worldwide: anesthesia, aquaculture, geriatrics, behavior, electronic identification, injectable micronutrients, etc.