The DailyDerma concept was born when we realized that it was not enough to provide our customers with ever more innovative veterinary products for the management of their dermatological cases.

Our responsibility is also to accompany them in the daily practice of this rather complex discipline, by providing useful tools allowing them to adopt "an effective routine for lasting results", thus improving the satisfaction of veterinarians and animal owners.

From prevention, through diagnosis, to long-term follow-up treatments, we offer range of products providing treatment solutions for the main skin diseases, specially for acute and chronic canine atopic dermatitis, as well as other useful services and tools, all of them included in our DailyDerma program. Therefore, the brand's main vision is to provide a clear methodology for the veterinarian during consultation, in order to obtain to obtain optimal results for the owner, and this way, create a real relationship of trust and added value in the practice of veterinary dermatology.




The DailyDerma brand pursues three main objectives:

  • A better pet owner involvement & satisfaction, especially in long term management of complex therapy required for some incurable diseases such as atopy.
  • An optimal prescription: through clear explanation of products usage in between all the therapeutic arsenal available.
  • An accurate diagnosis: through a detailed sequential diagnosis procedure to increase efficiency in daily practice.

These 3 objectives are considered as the "triptych" of dermatology success and stand as the central part of our "DailyDerma program" proposal (diagnosis, treatment, & pet-owner involvement and support.

Virbac presents DailyDerma Skin Care Program

A complete range of products and tools to support vets through the daily journey of dermatology practice.



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