Vitamin Mineral Supplements

Nutrich Tabs

Complete multivitamin-mineral tablet with multiple health benefits for pets.

  • Cat
  • Dog

The complete multivitamins and minerals with multiple health benefits for pets:

  • Prevents and treats anemia during heavy parasitism infections and recovery from surgery due to the higher strengths of Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B12, Folic acid.
  • Contains vital nutrients for your pets' bone health from the Calcium, Phosphorous, Vitamin D.
  • Prevents nutritional deficiencies which may lead to coprophagy because of the complete Vitamin B complexes.
  • Maintenance of optimal health for the eyes, skin, coat, muscles, and nerves because of Vitamin A.
  • Helps restore and maintain skin integrity during periods of skin irritations because of Vitamin E and Zinc
  • Improves reproductive performance by enhancing fertility due to Vit B complexes and Zinc, and for the normal fetal growth of puppies and kittens because of Folic acid.



Bottle of 60 tablets.

All in a palatable flavor.  Dose for puppies and kittens: 1/2 tab daily and for the adult dog,1-2 tabs daily.



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