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A palatable broad spectrum dewormer

  • Dog

Canimax® offers a wide range of protection against the most common worms in dogs. 

Canimax® prevents Heartworm infection, often a fatal disease in dogs, if not given the proper preventive measures. 

Canimax® is also used to prevent and treat Roundworm, Hookworm, Whipworm, and Tapeworm infections in dogs.

Canimax®  is a liver-flavored, palatable tablet and well-liked by dogs. Canimax® is given every 6 weeks, and protects 50% longer than any other regular monthly heartworm tablets, that make Canimax® a cost-effective option.

The recommended dose for Canimax® is 1 tablet/20 kg body weight.  Puppies may be dewormed with Canimax when they reach 6 to 8 weeks of age, to be repeated every 6 weeks, as part of the regular deworming protocol.

Pet owners are advised to consult a veterinarian before giving Canimax® to an adult dog.  A test is needed to check whether or not heartworm is present.

Canimax® is safe to use in pregnant and lactating dogs.

Canimax® may be given whole or may be crushed and mixed with the food. 


Each tablet contains -


Abamectin           0.2 mg

Praziquantel        100 mg

Oxibendazole      450 mg

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