VIRBAGEST®: 4% Altrenogest Oral Solution For GILTS

Virbagest®: Modern Swine Reproduction Management

  • Swine

Virbagest® is an altrenogest solution indicated for easy gilts synchronisation for proper batch management and optimization of reproductive career in modern swine production systems.

The Virbac Virbagest® offer includes a set of services that help swine producers to implement better farm management and optimize gilts' careers by improving their long-term prolificacy.

Altrenogest is rapidly absorbed following oral administration. Altrenogest is extensively metabolized in the liver. It is eliminated both via bile in faeces and via urine.



Active substance: 4.00mg/ml


  • Butylhydroxytoluene (E321): 0.07 mg/ml
  • Butylhydroxyanisole (E320): 0.07 mg/ml



  • Oral solution
  • For top-dressing use
  • A clear colorless to pale yellow solution


Target Species: Pigs (nulliparious mature sows: Gilts)


  • For the sycnhronization of estrus in nulliparous mature sows
  • 5ml given orally per gilt per day on 18 consecutive days (at same time each day)



  • 4 mg/ml altrenogest oral solution
  • Complete data package to improve the reproductive career of the gilts



  • Facilitates batch management by synchronizing mature gilts: better farm efficiency work organization and cost optimization (number of replacements gilts)
  • More efficient management of the gilt pool, by ensuring the right number of gilts is available for insemination, at exactly the right time and the right age.
  • Increased ovulation rate in gilts leading to larger litter size
  • Improves biosecurity on farms, by enabling true all-in/ all-out management 
  • Ergonomic easy to give oral solution with long canula and precise pump-it for individual daily treatment
  • Two pack sizes for treatment of 5 to 10 gilts depending on farm size
  • Batch management services provided.



  • One PET bottle with an unremovable plastic shell clipped or co-extruded to the bottle, containing 450ml or 900ml of product. The bottle is hermetically closed with proof screw cap equipped by a triseal joint.