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CORTAVANCE® : A Topical Hydrocortisone Aceponate (HCA) Spray

A topical corticoid that is used for symptomatic treatment of inflammatory and pruritic dermatoses in dogs.

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CORTAVANCE®  is a topical glucocorticoid providing effective and targeted treatment. It is rapidly absorbed into the stratum corneum and metabolized into an inactive metabolite. This means there can be none of the side effects associated with traditional corticosteroids.

Hydrocortisone aceponate (HCA) is safe and well-tolerated.

  • No systemic effects
  • No effect on behaviour or on food intake
  • No effect on blood chemistry
  • No alteration of the immune system
  • No suppression of the HPA axis
  • No atrophy of the skin
  • Safe to the pet owner

Composition: 1 ml of Cortavance contains 0.584mg of hydrocortisone aceponate in propylene glycol methyl ether

Pack Sizes: 31ml and 76ml

Properties: After topical application, Cortavance inhibits inflammatory and allergic reactions in dog's skin, leading to the regression of pruritis and associated lesions (erythema, excoriations, lichenification, self-induced alopecia). Hydrocortisone aceponate (HCA) belongs to the non-halogenated diester family of topical glucocorticoids that feature unique pharmacokinetic properties: rapid penetration in skin (high lipophilicity), activation in the epidermis (targeted high anti-inflammatory potency), subsequent transformation to weaker metabolites in the lower epidermis and dermis that are quickly inactivated in the blood stream (negligible systemic effects).

Indication: For symptomatic treatment of pruritic inflammatory skin disease in dogs

Dosage and directions for use: Before the first administration, screw the pump spray on the bottle.

  • Dosage: 2 pumps per 100cm2 (palm of the human's hand) of diseased skin surface. Spray 10cm away from the body surface. No massage is required. Cover eyes when spraying on the animal's face (Figure 1)
  • Regimen: Once a day for 7 consecutive days. Treatment over a longer period of time is subject to the veterinarian's appreciation of the benefit-risk.

As a general rule, the duration of use should be kept as brief as possible in the treatment of large skin areas. Do not apply other topical preparations simultaneously on the same lesions.

Figure 1: Two sprays over a surface area of 10 x 10cm for 7 consecutive days or as determined as necessary (maximum of 70 days)


Precautions: Concurrent microbial or parasitic disease should receive a specific curative treatment. The use in young dogs (<7 months), animals suffering from Cushing's disease and pregnant, lactating bitches is subject to the veterinarian's appreciation of the benefit-risk. They do not represent formal contraindications since the systemic absorption (bioavailability) of hydrocortisone aceponate is negligible.

User Safety: Spray in well-ventilated areas and away from a naked flame. Wash hands after use. In case of accidental skin contact, wash thoroughly with water. In case of eye irritation, rinse thoroughly with water and seek medical advice where needed.

Storage: Shelf life: 2 years in intact commercial package, 6 months after the first opening. No particular storage conditions are required. Keep out of reach of children.



31ml: User Safety: Used for:

  • Small lesions 
  • Short courses
  • Acute Inflammation


76ml: User Safety: Used for:

  • Extended lesions 
  • Management of Chronic Allergic Dermatitis (CAD)
  • Chronic Inflammation


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