Calgophos® Solution

Calgophos® Solution: Mineral and trace elements oral solution.

  • Poultry

Calgophos®  is a water-soluble, stable, concentrated, and complete minerals and trace elements solution in di-acid phosphate salts intended for quick and efficient correction of deficiencies via water. It strengthens the eggshell, prevents weak bones and muscles, and, amends short-term mineral deficiency from heatstroke.

Calgaphos is indicated for the following:

For Poultry: diseases affecting eggshell quality, bones, and joints mainly in laying hens. 
For Cattle: correct calcium and phosphorus imba¬lance and deficiencies of minerals and trace elements leading to sterility, osteomalacia, dermatitis, alopecia, discoloration of hair and hoof deformities.
And for all species: To correct calcium and phosphorus imbalance and deficiencies of minerals and trace elements.

Per 1000 mL contains the following ingredients: Phosphorus total expressed as P2O5 235 g, calcium phosphate monobasic 103 g, magnesium phosphate monobasic 108 g, sodium phosphate monobasic 42.5 g, ferrous phosphate monobasic 13.9 g, manga¬nese phosphate monobasic 10.8 g, zinc phosphate monobasic 10.2 g, cupric phosphate monobasic 2.5 g, cobalt phosphate monobasic 0.1 g, flavored excipient q.s. 1000 mL

The recommended dose is 1 L of solution/200 L of drinking water for 1 week or until symptoms disappear.
Since the pH reaction is strongly acidic, a minimum dilution must be 1:100 with the distribution system preferably made of plastic or unoxidizable metals.

Calgaphos is available in a solution in 1 L, 5 L, 20 L container.


The complete formulation for better performances


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