Virbagen Omega

The veterinary interferon

  • Cat
  • Dog

Virbagen Omega contains the active substance Recombinant Interferon Omega of feline origin.

Interferons are naturally occurring proteins with anti-viral and immunomodulatory properties.  Generally, Virbagen Omega may be given in the prevention,  treatment, and management of life-threatening viral diseases for cats and dogs. 

Virbagen Omega increases the survival and recovery rate from viral infections, especially from Canine Parvoviral and FeLV/FIV or feline retroviral infections, also for the treatment of Feline Gingivostomatitis Complex.

Virbagen Omega should be given as promptly as possible at the earliest sign of a viral infection to stimulate the innate immune response.

Virbagen Omega©10 MU for dogs and cats. Powder and solvent for suspension for injection.
Vial containing lyophilisate: Recombinant Omega interferon of feline origin - 10 million units
Vial containing solvent: Isotonic sodium chloride solution - 1ml
Store and transport at 40 C - 20 C. Do not freeze.

Virbagen Omega Pet Owner brochure

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