SUIGEN® PCV2 (Anti-Porcine Circovirus - Associated Disease Vaccine for Piglets, Gilts, & Sows)

Suigen® PCV2: Ahead of time. The virus mutates, so do we... with the d-genotype.

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Suigen® PCV2 is a vaccine used to protect pigs against porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2). Suigen® PCV2 is used to reduce the changes in and damage to lymphoid tissues (cells and tissues that make up the lymphatic system, such as lymph nodes associated with PCV2 infection in piglets and to help reduce the risk of dying from this infection. PCV2 infections can produce clinical signs such as weight loss or failure to grow, enlarged lymph nodes, difficulty breathing, pale skin, and jaundice (yellowing of the skin). 

Suigen® PCV2 contains an inactivated (killed) porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) strain. It is an emulsion for injection and can only be obtained with a prescription. The vaccine is given to female pigs before and/or during pregnancy. It can be given directly to piglets from the three weeks of age (active immunization).



PCV2 - primary agent of porcine circovirus -  associated disease (PCVAD) which causes severe economic loss worldwide.

PCVAD (Porcine Circovirus - Associated Virus): Loss of body condition and enlarged lymph nodes, rough hair coat, polypnea, dyspnea, pallor, diarrhea and occasionally icterus. Affected pigs usually die; clinical survivors are severely stunted. Signs and lesions vary considerably. PCVAD is a collection of diseases include PCV2 systemic disease (PCV2-SD), reproductive failure, interstitial pneumonia, and porcine dermatitis  and nephropathy syndrome (PDNS).

PCV2 infection is at 3-4 weeks of age (around weaning).

Other symptoms: increased mortality, poor growth, and weight loss, progressing to the level of severe thinning, and weakness between 5 to 14 weeks



  • The world's first vaccine uses the whole PCV2d genotype virus.
  • Whole virus inactivated vaccines provides more comprehensive and complete protection.
  • High antigen titers help overcome maternally transmitted antibodies
  • Water/oil/water double emulsion adjuvant helps to release antigen quickly and sustainably for fast, strong, sustainable immune establishment.
  • Pre-mixed vaccines are very convenient.
  • Safe for both sows and piglets.



1ml of vaccine contains:

  • Porcine circovirus type 2d, strain H ≥  106.0TCID50 before inactivation
  • Water/oil/water adjuvant (W/O/W) 0.5ml



Shake well before use, inject intramuscularly:

  • Piglets: Inject intramuscularly with 1.0ml of vaccine at 3 weeks of age or older.
  • Sows/gilts: Never vaccinated sows -- 2.0ml of vaccine at 6 and 3 weeks before giving birth.
  • Previously vaccinated sows: booster vaccination with 2.0ml of vaccine at 3 weeks before giving birth for subsequent pregnancy.



  • Store product at 2 °C - 8  °C
  • Avoid light and do not freeze

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