Suigen® HC

Suigen® HC: Vaccine against Hog Cholera for swine

  • Swine

Suigen® HC is a unique modified live Hog cholera vaccine that combines a highly antigenic Philippine strain with homologous cell culture technology and European quality standards, resulting in a high titer and extremely safe vaccine, capable of inducing a rapid and homogenous immune response in swine for a strong and consistent protection of each pig and of the herd.

Suigen HC is a Hog cholera vaccine for swine (MLV-hog cholera LPC-CN strain attenuated virus) in vials of 20ml and 100ml vials.

The recommended dose is  2 mL/pig IM. The time of vaccination must be based on maternal antibody levels.

For Piglets (mother with hog cholera vaccine): 5-8 weeks of age, revaccinate after 3-4 weeks. Piglets (mother without hog cholera vaccine): 3-5 weeks of age, revaccinate after 3-4 weeks.

Breeders - Gilt: 6 weeks and 3 weeks before farrowing.

Sow: 3 weeks before farrowing. Boar: 2x a year.

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