SUIGEN® HC (Swine Fever or HC Vaccine)

Suigen® HC (Classical Swine Fever or Hog Cholera Prevention)

  • Swine

Suigen® HC is a swine fever vaccine containing Asian strain virus, cultured and attenuated on pig kidney cells, highly effective and safe in protection.



  • Cell culture technology
  • Neutralizing antibody titers were high and uniform
  • Absolutely safe when vaccinated



Suigen® HC vaccine prevents swine cholera.



Each dose 2 ml of vaccine contains:

  • Attenuated swine fever virus, strain LPC-CN ≥ 103.5 PFU
  • Excipients are enough for 1 dose.



Mix the vaccine with the accompanying solvent and shake thoroughly until a homogenous suspension is created before use.

Dosage: 2ml by injection (or mucosal spray for piglets). The effectiveness of cholera vaccination in piglets depends on the quantity and quality of colostrum that the piglets have absorbed because maternally transmitted antibodies (MDA) can interfere with the vaccination process.

The appropriate time to get vaccinated:

  • Piglets:  High MDA levels: 5 - 8 weeks of age  ||  Low MDA levels: 3 - 5 weeks of age

Use of 2ml of mucosal spray vaccine for piglets (in this case, the lyophilized vaccine will be mixed with solvent at a ratio of 1ml for 1 dose).

  • Breeding Pigs:  

First-litter sows: 6 weeks and 3 weeks before giving birth

Second-parity sows onwards: 3 weeks before giving birth

Male breeder: 2 times/year

The vaccine has been shown to be safe for piglets and pregnant sows. Vaccines should be used under the direction of a veterinarian.



  • Store product at 2°C - 8°C
  • Avoid light and do not freeze