CANIGEN® DHPPi: 5-in-1 Live Attenuated Freeze-Dried Vaccine for the immunization of Dogs

Canigen DHPPi vaccines offer a 3-year DOI against canine distemper, contagious hepatitis, parvovirus and parainfluenza.

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CANIGEN® DHPPi is a modified live vaccine containing canine distemper virus, infectious canine hepatitis, canine parvovirus and canine parainfluenza virus, inactivated L. Canicola and L. Icterohaemorrhagiae.



CANIGEN® DHPPi Freeze-dried component:

  • Live attenuated distemper virus (CDV) - strain Lederle
  • Live attenuated canine adenovirus type 2 (CAV-2) - strain Manhattan
  • Live attenuated canine parvovirus (CPV) - strain CPV780916
  • Live attenuated canine parainfluenza virus (CPiV) - strain Manhattan



For active immunization of dogs from 8 weeks of age to:

  • prevent mortality and clinical symptoms caused by canine distemper virus (CDV)
  • prevent mortality and clinical symptoms caused by canine adenovirus type 1 (CAV-1)
  • prevent mortality and clinical symptoms caused by canine parvovirus strain 2b (CPV 2b)
  • reduce secretion of canine parvovirus strain 2b (CPV 2b)
  • reduce respiratory clinical symptoms and viral shedding caused by canine parainfluenza virus and canine adenovirus type (CAV-2)


Onset of immunity

The onset of immunity has been demonstrated:

  • From 3 weeks after the first vaccination for CDV CAV-2 and CPV
  • From 4 weeks after the first vaccination for CPiV and CAV-1


Duration of immunity

After booster vaccination, given one year after primary vaccination, immunity lasts for 3 years for CDV, CAV-1. CAV-2, and CPV and 1 year for CPiV.

For CAV-2, the duration of immunity after booster vaccination was not determined in the exposure study, but is based on the presence of CAV-2 antibody 3 years after the booster injection.



Use only as directed. Shake well. Use immediately after reconstitution. Administer 1ml subcutaneously.


Primary vaccination:

  • First injection one from 8 weeks of age
  • Second injection 3 or 4 weeks later

Maternal antibodies can in some cases affect the immune reaction to the vaccination. In such cases, a third injection is recommended from 15 weeks of age.


Booster vaccination/Revaccination:

Annual revaccination with a single dose of Canigen® DHPPi 

Subsequent vaccinations are carried out at intervals of up to three years. Annual revaccination is required for the CPiV component. The prepared solution is slightly light red.


High Risk Situations: Canigen® DHPPi  can be administered in puppies from 6 weeks of age under circumstances where the risks Parvovirus and Distemper may be higher.


Virbac recommends the following standard vaccination under normal circumstances:

Canigen® DHPPi at 8 weeks of age 


Virbac recommends the following standard vaccination in high risk areas:

Canigen® DHPPi at 6 weeks of age 


Presentation: Freeze-dried powder and liquid for injection, suspension (powder: white, freeze-dried, liquid: colorless) 10 x 1 dose(s) injection vial, glass, prescription


Storage Instructions: Store between 2-8 °C. Protect from light. Do not freeze.


Sustainability: Shelf life in unopened packaging: 18 months



  • Vaccinate only healthy dogs
  • Vaccination of pregnant or lactating bitches is not recommended.
  • Do not administer any corticosteroids or antiviral drugs preceding or following vaccination.
  • Keep out of reach of children and uninformed persons.



  • It is recommended that animals be treated for external and internal parasites at least 10 days prior to vaccination.
  • The vaccine should be administered in accordance with standard aseptic conditions for vaccination.
  • Avoid exposure of the animal to infections for 21 days following vaccination.
  • Use the vaccine immediately following reconstitution.
  • Used needles, syringes, and vials should be disposed of in a safe manner.                                


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