LIXEN® : Antibiotic for Chickens

LIXEN® Oral Powder : Safest Antibiotic for Poultry

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LIXEN® Powder is a first generation B-lactam cephalosporin group of antibiotic. It is a semi synthetic derivative of naturally occurring “Cephalosporin - C”.

RECOMMENDED FOR Doctors, Hospital and Medical Practitioners

What is Lixen® Powder?

Cephalexin has been a complete major advance in cephalosporin. Lixen® is an antibiotic with a broad spectrum of activity with rapid & complete absorption, low degree of protein binding, high concentration in body fluids & tissues and high peak of serum levels.


  • Acid stable, not destroyed in the stomach
  • Absorption: Well-absorbed from the GI Tract, food does not interfere with absorption. Bioavailability is between 74-90%. It penetrates well into pleural, synovial, pericardial fluid and into most tissue spaces.
  • Serum protein binding: Less than 10-15% (binding is reversible)
  • Blood serum level: Achieves peak serum level fast within an hour.
  • Excretion: 80-90% primarily through kidneys (i.e through urine) in 24 hours, mostly in the first 6 hours
  • Safety: It is safe during pregnancy 
  • It is water soluble & acid stable available as monohydrate
  • Does not affect growth & immunity
  • Fast drug excretion as half life is less than one hour


Each gram contains Cephalexin IP equivalent to anhydrous Cephalexin 75mg.

Dosage and Directions:

To prevent Early Chick Mortality 20g sachet for 1500 chicks for 5 days in drinking water

Add 60ml of drinking water for every 20g sachet on a container.


Inhibits cell wall synthesis of microorganisms by binding to the essential PBP's (Penicillin Binding Proteins) present in the bacterial cell wall causing bactericidal effect.


For Treatment of Diseases such as Early chick mortality Omphalitis, Pullorum disease, Salmonelliosis, and Colibacillosis:

20g sachet for:

  • 1500 Chicks
  • 250 Growers 
  • 100 Layers for 3-5 Days in drinking water

Pack Sizes:

A box of 10 sachets of 20g | a separated 20g sachet