Maxflor LA®

Maxflor LA®: Antibiotic injectable solution for the prevention and treatment of the bacterial components of Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex.

  • Swine

Maxflor LA is an injectable long-acting 40% florfenicol Ready To Use preparation intended for the treatment of diseases associated with bacterial infections with a unique formulation of florfenicol that provides prolonged activity due to its optimal bioavailability through the special carrier, Potentialized Organic Carrier.

Maxflor LA is used for the treatment of diseases in bovine and pigs associated with bacterial infections such as respiratory diseases, diarrhea, infectious pododermatitis, and keratoconjunctivitis.

Maxflor 40% LA contains Florfenicol at 400 mg/mL in a solution of a 100ml vial.

The recommended dose is as follows:

Cattle: 1 mL/20 kg (20 mg/kg) IM, second administration after 48 hours; 1 mL/10 kg (40 mg/kg) SC single application.

Swine: 1 mL/25-30 kg BW (15 mg/kg) IM, second administration after 48 hours.


The withholding period for pigs is 14 days and for cattle; for meat,  28 days,  and milk,  5 days.


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Local tolerance of two florfenicol injectable solutions in fattening pigs

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