Dalbong: The 1st Filipino Corgi Hailed As Champion in World Dog Show 2023


Dalbong's Triumph: The First-Ever Philippines-Based Corgi Wins the World Dog Show at Geneva last August 24-27, 2023.

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A 4-Year Old Pembroke Walsh Corgi Named "Dalbong" from the Philippines makes history as World Winner at World Dog Show 2023. He became the first-ever Philippine canine to grab the world winner title at the WDS 2023 at Geneva, Switzerland.

Dalbong, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, has recently garnered attention across the globe, and with a good cause. He recently won his class' Best of Breed title at the 2023 World Dog Show in Geneva, Switzerland.


According to his owner, Wency Villanueva, the Swiss Champion defeated 131 further corgis, 1,592 herding dogs, and 55 herding dog breed champions. Dalbong received both an FCI-CACIB certificate and recognition as the Champion Class winners.


"This win is not just for us, but for all my fellow exhibitors who dream of becoming world champions one day. Never lose faith in yourself and always believe in your dog. If you think your dog has what it takes, keep pushing forward! Never give up and love your passion until you achieve success." Wency Villanueva posted on his facebook post dedicated the win to his fellow Filipino dog owners.


Like any other pet, Dalbong occupies a significant portion of Wency's life, as can be seen on his social media accounts. Dalbong is constantly present and receiving attention, as he should, whether it be during beach outings or weekend strolls. Regardless of breed, every dog in the world deserves to be loved.



WORLD DOG SHOW 2023: https://worlddogshow.ch/en/shows-and-dates/






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