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ALLERMYL® (Piroctone Olamine) Medicated Shampoo

S-I-S SKIN INNOVATIVE SCIENCE® Technology is a soothing shampoo for the management of allergic skin conditions in dogs and cats.

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ALLERMYL® Shampoo with S-I-S SKIN INNOVATIVE SCIENCE® is a soothing shampoo for the management of allergic skin conditions -- specifically designed to meet the needs of dogs and cats with sensitive and itchy skin.

This shampoo provide effective topical solutions to restore the skin functions such as natural defense and skin barrier -- thanks to a combination of ingredients and proven cutting edge technologies (SIS) addressing a large scope of skin disorders, backed by the expertise of a pioneer in Dermatology.

ALLERMYL® SIS Shampoo is a unique micro-emulsified formulation for sensitive and itchy skin that combines proprietary technologies for optimal restoration of the epidermal barrier (Skin Lipid Complex) and smart microbial balance (SIS: sugars reducing microbe adherence and natural plant extracts that stimulate innate skin defenses, together with the antimicrobial piroctone olamine) and soothing effect (SIS: sugars immunomodulating properties).



Shampoos for skin cleaning and support in combination treatments with specific formulations for all skin conditions.

Key Characteristics:

  • Skin Innovative Science (SIS) technology. Virbac's Cutting Edge Science in shampoo formulations dedicated to pets: Advanced technologies to help the skin to defend itself from the OUTSIDE by cleaning, soothing, restructuring, and respecting microbial balance.

Allermyl SIS is available in a bottle of 200ml.

Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium laureth, Coco betaine, Skin Lipid Complex™(Ceramide 6, Ceramide 3, Ceramide 1, Cholesterols, Fatty Acids), Glycotechnology™(Galactose, Rhamnose, Mannose, Lauryl glucoside), Defensin ™ technology (Peumus boldo leaf extract, Spiraea ulmaria extract), Piroctone olamine, Linoleic acid, Linolenic acid

Directions for use: Wet and clean hair with shampoo. Repeat and measure the appropriate amount of shampoo based on the body weight of the dog. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat treatment 2-3x per week for 3 weeks or as advised by a veterinarian.


Dosage Recommendations per kg b.w.
BW (kg) Dose Application
≤ 5 10ml
5-10 20ml
10-20 30ml
20-30 40ml
30-45 50ml
>45 75ml

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