Zoletil 50mg

The universal anesthetic

  • Cat
  • Dog


Zoletil 50 ® is an anesthetic agent for veterinary surgical and diagnostic procedures.  It is a safe and effective anesthetic with a high therapeutic index and limited side effects. 

Zoletil 50 ® can be used as the sole anesthetic and to induce anesthesia before gas anesthesia.


Zoletil 50 ® is available in a 5ml vial.

Per vial w/ powder: Tiletamine HCl 125 mg, zolazepam base 125 mg. Per solvent vial: Sterilized water for inj 5 mL, reconstituted soln 50 mg/mL. Vial 10 mL + 1 solvent (5 mL) per box.

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